Connect to BigCommerce WebDav with Dreamweaver

Update 16/04/14 – due to BigCommerce changing their login system I have updated this post

Bigcommerce Webdav

If the default user doesn’t work, try creating a new one

1. You may find this stage is not necessary but it seems to be the case that WebDav will randomly not work with the default user so you may need to create a new one. In your BigCommerce Admin Panel go to ‘Users’ (in the top right) and ‘Create a User Account’.


The webdav password is provided for you here

2. Make sure that WebDav is ticked for this BigCommerce user, and copy the Password (it will be a long string of letters and numbers and is different from your store admin area password). You’ll also need to copy the Path.


Correct Webdav Dreamweaver settings

3. In Dreamweaver go to ‘Connect using’ and pick  ‘WebDav’.

4. In the URL field, enter the URL copied from before but add /template/ to the end of it. It should look like this:

5. Enter your username – this is the email address you use to access your BigCommerce Store

6. Enter the password copied from before, this is different to the password you use to access your store.

6. In the ‘web url’ field you now need to delete /dav/template/ from the end of the url. It should look like this:

Connect to BigCommerce WebDav with Dreamweaver
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Connect to BigCommerce WebDav with Dreamweaver
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23 Comments on “Connect to BigCommerce WebDav with Dreamweaver

  1. This does not work. I already was at the stage where I can “Test” the connection within the Dreamweaver server screen with my credentials, and it states that Dreamweaver can successfully connect with the server, but if you attempt to show the /dav folder in the site view it reports an error and shows no file. Not very helpful and not really better than just using Cyberduck.

    • Hi, if you are happy to use Cyberduck then you should do that, this is really just my advice for people that would prefer to stay with Dreamweaver or don’t have any choice. I was rather frustrated with BigCommerce when they decided to move away from FTP but eventually I was able to connect again with the sites I had stored in Dreamweaver. I am sure it does work, did you try creating a new user account in BigCommerce before setting up anything in Dreamweaver?

  2. This doesn’t seem to be working for me either. I would SO much rather use Dreamweaver than another FTP/webdav program. My flow is jacked and extremely cumbersome if I am using a single screen.

    Any chance you can let me know if this method still works for you? Thanks.

    • Hi Paul,

      This still works for me, with one change – BigCommerce now uses your email address instead of a username.

      Did you try making a new user with webdav access? I have found it hasn’t worked on the default admin account. And make sure to edit the url field to include the /template/ part, otherwise it will say it connects successfully but you won’t be able to view any fields.

  3. I also am not able to get this to work. If you have any additional information to help that would be awesome! Thank you!

    • I’ve updated the post as BigCommerce have slightly changed their login process. I’ve set up several stores using this process so I’m pretty sure this is correct, if you are still having trouble it might be something else, like a firewall perhaps.

  4. This doesn’t work for me as well. I think it will be a lot helpful as well if you will be putting up a video on how it’s done. 🙂

  5. Thank you very very much for this post and also posting screenshots so I didn’t have to watch the video to get the one piece of information I really needed. This worked great for me!

    • Glad to hear it works for you, and I agree agree about videos, I’m also far too impatient.

  6. Hi I am new to bigcommerce and have read your article again and again to connect my store’s WebDav with dreamweaver. It is not working for me either. Please suggest.

    • I’m not sure what else to suggest. Make sure you are using an active account with either Owner or Administrator privileges in BigCommerce. Try making a new account if that doesn’t work.

      In Dreamweaver make sure your “URL” ends in /dav/template but your “Web URL” doesn’t have either of those parts. Pay attention to the slashes.

      If this still doesn’t work, it might be a firewall issue, or something other than these settings. You could try turning off your firewall temporarily.

      • Yep… I understood all the directions and the URL’s are as you specified, but it doesn’t work. When I test the connection the error reads: An HTTP WebDav error occurred. Dreamweaver cannot get a listing for the folder you specified. Make shre you have proper authorization on the server, and the server is properly configured.

        • I’ve just checked on my test site and it only gives that error message if the ‘/dav/template/’ part at the end of the URL, the password or the username is entered wrong. All I can suggest is that it is one of these three things, if it isn’t then you can just contact BigCommerce support as you will be doing everything correctly so the problem must be elsewhere.

  7. I couldn’t figure out why when testing the connection details in the WebDAV setup of Dreamweaver it was working fine, but DW kept throwing an error when actually trying to connect/view remote files.

    Your advice to simply add /template/ to the end of the URL fixed my issue! Thanks!

  8. I was having the same problem then I changed http:// ….. to https:// …. and it now works

  9. WebDAV connection to BigCommerce broke again with the introduction of Dreamweaver CC (2015) in June 2015. A good workaround is to avoid Dreamweaver’s integrated WebDAV connection altogether, and instead (a) mount the BigCommerce WebDAV connection as a drive [on Mac, e.g., from Finder select Go, Connect to Server, and enter and (b), in Dreamweaver, go to Manage Sites, New Site, Servers, Add Server, and select Connect Using Local/Network. Point to the mounted drive and you’re in business.

  10. Wow fantastic, just wanted to say a quick thank you to the author and all the messages.
    I’m going to try and connect when I’m back to the office, awesome! Big commerce support sucks but you guys rock!

  11. Rohan Moore’s advice is the way to go for DW CC2015.

    Works well. Thanks.

  12. Great news. I just updated to Dreamweaver CC 2015.2 Release 7884 Build (on my Mac) and now Webdav is working again!

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