Industries of Architecture

Project Type:  Academic Website    Project Specifications:   Single Page.

The Industries of Architecture event needed a website to attract more attendees and to present information about the event clearly. Although the website is for a single event that would come and go, it also needed to last afterwards in order to act as a resource. I didn’t want to compromise on the design, but I didn’t feel that a WordPress site was suitable for this project where the content would not be frequently changed. And in order to present the information in an eyecatching and attractive manner, I went for a single page design, with all the content on one long page that scrolls up and down when you click on the menu. This allowed me to use the nice photography in the background when you scroll through the page, and gives the site the feel of a well presented brochure or flyer.

And the site is fully responsive, so visitors can easily check the information on their phones during the event.

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