Mikel Saint Portfolio Website

Project Type:  Development Only Website    Project Specifications:   Wordpress.

Mikel Saint (Masterz Multimedia) is a talented designer and illustrator who came to me with a design he had prepared himself for a portfolio website. As a designer he had strong opinions and absolute attention to detail, everything had to be perfect! I was happy to pull out all the stops with animations and javascript effects that help make the website really immersive and impressive, but the real focus is on Mikel’s fantastic illustrations. An eye-catching portfolio website is essential when you need to stand out and get noticed on the internet, particularly when that wow factor might be all that keeps a visitor around long enough to see your work.

I love working with designers or companies that have prepared designs, I am used to working as a developer using other people’s concepts or finished design work and I am happy to offer advice or just develop to your exact specifications.