Metis Architecture

Project Type:  Website    Project Specifications:   Wordpress.

Metis is a WordPress architecture website, an atelier for art, architecture and urbanism founded by Mark Dorrian and Adrian Hawker at the University of Edinburgh. They seek to produce rich, multi-layered works that resist immediate consumption and that are instead gradually unfurled over time through interaction with them. With such a complex subject it was felt that the site needed to reflect this, and as such it is a technical and interesting site to navigate. Various filters and options allow you to browse and sort the content which is then displayed with attractive full-screen slideshows.

Metis was a complicated WordPress site and demanding build, using a lot of custom javascript in order to get the desired effect. It was important not to compromise, all the effects needed to work properly otherwise the navigation of the site could be frustrating. The project galleries in particular are beautiful to look at and really showcase the work well. giving the impression of a presentation or application rather than a simple image gallery. These galleries also display videos and information, all of which the clients can easily manage through the WordPress admin area.