Project Management using Trello

I’ve recently started using a free web app called Trello to handle project management. Project management for a website is tricky, usually starting off with a few emails, a project tends to grow and spread, with files in Dropbox, as email attachments or sent via other means. Technical information can become difficult to find among dozens of emails which can lead to things being overlooked, or unnecessary delays. It is definitely a good idea to keep everything in one place, and project management software is certainly the way to go.

Until recently I used Basecamp, but it’s expensive and I started to look for alternatives. There are of course, hundreds of apps out there that can do similar things, and some have functions that Trello doesn’t, but after trying quite a few I am very happy to move to Trello. I actually think it is better than Basecamp – the responsive layout and clear organisation of projects into cards means it is easy to find the information you need even on a mobile device (and Trello also has a native app).

Trello has Dropbox and Google Drive integration, so if you need to attach images to a project you can add them to Dropbox and then attach them to the card in Trello with no hassle. When doing the same thing by email it is far harder to refer to the specific Dropbox file you are talking about.

Another good feature of Trello is the desktop notifications. If you post about your project in Trello it will notify me immediately, this makes it far easier to have quick conversations than via email where conversations can be very slow due while waiting for responses. One of the main delays with web design is waiting for communication by email – for example if a design change needs to be made, or if there is a question to be asked.

I use Trello for work and personal tasks and recommend it completely:

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Project Management using Trello
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Project Management using Trello
Why I recommend using Trello, the best free project management software I have found
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2 Comments on “Project Management using Trello

  1. I would like to suggest proofhub project management tool for organized execution of projects and tasks in them. This tool is simple and easy to use.

    • The main advantage of Trello is that it is free, there are a lot of (possibly superior) paid alternatives, though I have to say I think I prefer Trello to the (expensive) Basecamp.

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