Social Media Strategy

Social media and seach engine optimisation (SEO) are two phrases that seem to be unavoidable on the internet these days! There is so much advice that it can be a bit overwhelming.

A social media strategy generally refers to using social websites – such as twitter and facebook – to publicise your own website. Usually this doesn’t mean that it’s all about advertising, rather it is about building a rapport with potential customers, spreading word-of-mouth and demonstrating that your website has a real person behind it. Plus, if you can contribute something worthwhile like advice or support then that is a bonus!

Search engine optimisation is all about making your website more appealing to the algorythms that determine your page rank. Page rank is everything, and having a higher page rank on Google means you are more likely to get traffic to your site. Optimising your website can be a difficult process because there is a lot that can be done, and there is no immediate way to know if it is working, besides watching your traffic.

Being successful at social media and SEO is something that can be hard to measure. For some websites the motivating factor will be to drive sales by any means possible, while others may prefer a less aggressive approach. Either way, there is a lot I can help with when decided a strategy. I’ll advise on how to best use social media and I’ll set up your site to have to best possible foundations for successful SEO.

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