Zero Credibility – Film Blog

Project Type:  Website    Project Specifications:   Wordpress.

Zero Credibility is a film blog that needed an eye-catching redesign to help it stand out from the crowd. The previous version of the site had some nice elements but looked dated, the redesign uses a trendy flat design. If it looks familiar that is because this is one of my other websites, and it shares a design with this site.

I used lots of large or full screen images – films and television have a huge range of screen captures or stills that can be used to good effect, and if there is good photography available then the website design should always showcase it and not hide it, or make it look cluttered. With new, high resolution displays, such as Apple Retina displays, websites need to use higher quality images, and they need to be designed to look just as attractive on a giant screen as on a handheld device.

The front page uses two different sliders to good effect – the larger one promotes featured content, while the smaller one is an attractive way to encourage visitors to explore the site. Using Javascript, eyecatching interactive elements can be added to a site that are much more likely to attract and retain users than a simple text list of related posts or suggested content.